Buy lemon heads gold coast clear carts online



Buy lemon heads gold coast clear carts online

Buy lemon heads gold coast clear carts online Lemon head is a tasty outcome of Lemonade being crossed with lemon. Both amazing strains! This crossing created a Sativa heavy beast that provides cerebral and energizing highs. Also, sweet on the nose and the palate, this strain provides consumers a perfect and zestful lemon taste couple with a lung-expanding mint/eucalyptus. As with lots of OG strains, euphoria takes the lead, elevating the consumer’s mood and provoking both laughter and smiles. A cut of kush from the notorious royal choice farms, it provides a sense of euphoria that surges via your cerebrum and feeling of focus accompanied by a growing sense of energy and creativity. 

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Lemon head is a largely sativa range from Dark horse genetics and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Dark horse Genetics lemon head was never accessible as feminized seeds.

Sativa Hybrid, Lemonade X lemon male includes an extra twin punch of lemon in these seeds.

Type of high

Lemon head OG marijuana strain high features a dazed ecstasy with focus and gradually increasing power. Motivation is present along with a quite bit of relaxation that grounds you as mind floats high above.

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This bud packs a very high 22-33 percent average THC level and remarkable bright flavors into each charming little nug. Lemon head buds have little round olive green nugs with rich amber undertones, bright fiery orange hairs, and a coating of little amber crystal tirchmes that looks almost golden in the best light. As you break apart each sticky pretty nug, fresh aromas of sweet woodiness and earthy lemon are released, which become pretty spicy as the nugs are burned. The taste is extremely tangy and sweet with a lemony pine flavor that lingers on your tongue long after you finish toking. Almost as soon as experience your primary smooth exhale, the effects of Lemon head will hit you.


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