Gold Coast Clear Cookies And Cream [ hybrid ]




Gold coast clear cookies and cream Cookies and cream gold coast clear cart is a hybrid strain with twenty-one percent THC content and 0.4 percent CBD. With a long lasting and balanced high, this weed potent outcome is just matched by its perfect, sweet flavor. Its parentage is mostly undefined, leading back to one of the various phenotypes of the Girl Scout cookies.

Cookies and cream gold coast clear cart is the best mixture between the head and body high. Actually, it won the First prize in the High Times Cannabis cup for best US Hybrid in 2014. Its buds are little, with dark green flowers, and strong leaves.

Cookies and cream makes a promise of a tasty sweet, and has a vague vanilla smell. Consumers can simply recognize a hint of sourness. When burnt, this weed has perfect smoke that hits simply, and leaves a tasty toasted flavor upon exhale.


The high from this bud begins lightly, progressing gradually to a complete relaxation. The mental effects lighten up the mood, with euphoria sliding in. it makes smokers go into a couchlock done by a dreamy mental state.

Its potent calming effects lulls users into a heavy sleep, treating insomnia successfully. It can also stress and anxiety, but red eyes and dry mouth are general bad effects. Cookies in Cream strain are not advised for the first-time cultivators because it is somewhat temperamental.


Cream and cookies gold coast clear carts tend to generate happiness, relaxation and euphoria, and could cause dry eyes, dry mouth, and dizziness. But truly, cannabis affects people in different ways. The 2 key factors are your own biology, and the item you pick.

That being said, the chemical profile contains terpinolene, humulene, BCP, and limonene, which could potentially support with IBD, pain, arthritis, and depression.


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