Gold Coast Clear Diablo Og [ indica ]




Gold coast clear diablo og Diablo OG gold coast clear carts are also generally known as “Diablo Kush” to most of the marijuana community is an indica dominant hybrid (85% indica/15% sativa) strain made by crossing the insalely famous OG Kush x South African sativa strain. This dank bud boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges from 16-28 percent on average and a tasty lemony pine taste and floral lemony pine smell. Diablo OG kush buds have strong compact medium-sized arrowhead-shaped neon green nugs with a thick fine layer of sticky sweet resin. Users explains the Diablo OG kush high as having a quick onset of a heady cerebral head high that leaves you focused, motivated, and euphoric with big waves of inspiring and creative power.


Gold coast clear cart This is followed by a gradually creeping lazy couch-look that leaves you a fully sedated and at ease with important pain relief in both body and mind. The amazing aspect of this high is that you would not feel sleepy even though you are melted and sedated into your seat. Due to these effects, Diablo OG kush is perfect for treating nerve damage, chronic pain, and insomnia.


New gold coast clear carts Diablo OG is famous in California is quite hard to find outside the West Coast. Its moderate THC content makes it perfect strain for novice smokers, although it is potent enough to keep marijuana lover afloat. Although its purple varieties have some “bag appeal”, Diablo OG true standout feature is its floral yet skunky taste and smell. A mobile and clear head high is matched by a mild but refreshing body high that makes Diablo OG a remarkable option whether you are looking to improve your creativity, get things done, or just unwind at house.

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  1. Ashley

    Amazing quality GCC

  2. Mash.m

    We came long way to the top GCC goes🏆

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