Gold Coast Clear Strawberry Punch [sativa/hybrid]





Gold coast clear strawberry punch strawberry punch gold coast clear cart is a half and half Maryjane strain may be intersection strawberry cough with OG Kush. Also, strawberry kush highlights a musky strawberry flavor that experiences its name. Producers say strawberry kush makes some amazing memories of 8-9 weeks.

As such, those searching for a sativa-predominant strain with big loads of flavor and a perfect and glad high will get a kick out of strawberry. Supposed to be initiated from the Netherlands, raiser mystery has stayed silent about a remarkable deal of data about this strain.


Gold coast clear cart The reproducers made it by intersecting SFG with Strawberry Diesel and Bruce Banners OG Kush body. Also, it bought about a strain with a remarkable strawberry fragrance, the THC content of up to twenty-three percent, and made it simple to develop. It is important not to stir it up with the conversely named OG strawberry strain.


Secondly, strawberry OG weed is the top decision or the primary part of the day or evening use. Its commonplace sativa features are elevating, stimulating, and imaginative. Craftsmen and performs utilize this specific strain to help their brains and make without outlines. So, the strain high is inspiring, inciting talks and laughs. Individuals with hunger problems might utilize it before supper to keep away from sickness. Also, it eases stress and gloom. In the last times of high, it carries harmony and quiet to customer’s brains and bodies.

The potency of this strain provides the consumer a 1 or 2 punch to the body and head, primary landing between the eyes and settling down into the limbs. Purple punch is a taste dessert strain that is top suited for after dinner. Its effects may support with managing stress, nausea, minor body aches, and sleeplessness.


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